18 Reasons Why You Should Do Business with Merced Painting Company

1) Once I start your job, I work at it until completion, Monday through Saturday. No stopping and starting the job.

2) I will always be available to answer any questions or concerns that you have before, during, and after the job has been completed, day or night.

3) I never mark up the cost of supplies, including paint and primer, caulking compound, etc. You always pay the wholesale price that I pay, and not a penny more. Any leftover paint or supplies goes to you, since you paid for it.  I consider this YOUR property, not mine.

4) I will arrive on time every day and work for at least 8 hours of actual work time.

5) I will always perform my work with your best interests in mind. Meaning: I will always put your needs and self-interests above mine.

6) No smoking, drinking alcohol, or playing music on the job. I respect you and your environment.

7) When the job has been completed, a thorough walk through will be done by me and paint chips, etc. will be picked up. I will then invite you to inspect every aspect of the job, both small and large. If you see something that you’d like me to address, I will take care of it to your satisfaction. No arguments or back talk.

😎 If you want, I will offer you an on-the-spot estimate at any convenient time for you, no charge.

9) I will do a materials and labor breakdown for you so you know that I’m being fair and transparent. I will present you with all official store receipts.

10) I will use the best materials that are available, and will never shortchange you on the quality of the materials or the work I perform for you. I will paint your home as if I was painting my own.

11) I will do the job in stages for you, so you can inspect every part of every stage before I continue on to the next stage:
a) impeccably prep all surfaces
b) prime/caulk
c) paint
d) thorough clean up
I do things this way because this approach engenders your trust in me and my abilities. Also, you will know for sure that you are getting EXACTLY what you paid for. It is impossible for someone to take shortcuts with this type of open approach.

12) I don’t see my painting for you as a “one-off” paint job. Rather, I see this as a life-long business relationship. I take care of you, I treat you fairly, and I never take you or your good will for granted. That’s how it’s done!

13) I won’t ask you for any upfront money for paint and supplies. Rather, I will only ask you for that when I actually need it.

14) I will never compromise on quality, and have never done so for the past 15 years of painting. You deserve the best, and that’s what I’ll give you.

15) I’m very approachable and don’t have an argumentative or defensive nature, so you can rest assured that I will always be open to how you feel about my work, or about my character.

16) at the end of every working day, a very thorough clean up will made around your home. Really, it’s the way it should be.

17) I will never park my vehicle in front of your home so as not to inconvenience the people visiting you during the day… unless I am loading or unloading supplies.
18) I will always dress in “painters whites,” that is white shirt and pants, instead of sloppy jeans and colored, shirts. I know it’s nice to have people who look professional painting your home, instead of people who look like they just walked out of a bar.

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